Where Unrivaled Security Meets Unmatched Privacy 🛡️🔒 Unveiling the Future: Katya ® 👽 OS Redefines Mobile Security and Privacy Standards 🌟📱 - Your Gateway to Unparalleled Mobile Security and Privacy Fortification 🚀🔐

Apps REPO for the Katya ® 👽 OS
Feature 01 illustration
Feature 01

It's possible to install Google SE as a set of fully sandboxed apps without special privileges via our sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer.

Mobile Katya ® 👽 was founded by Dmitry Sorokin at the end of 2021. It started as a solo project, incorporating his previous open source privacy and security work. Initially, the project created an OpenBSD malloc port of the Android Bionic libc and a PaX kernel patch port of kernels for supported devices. It quickly expanded into a large set of privacy and security enhancements of its own, in particular low-level work to harden the compiler and Bionic toolchain. Work has begun on landing the source code in AOSP and other source projects.

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Feature 02

Now available for every developer in the world 🐱‍🚀!

Embrace the Future: Katya ® 👽 OS Extends Its Arms to Developers, Igniting a Spark of Infinite Possibilities and Innovation 🚀💡 Katya ® 👽 OS Opens Its Doors to Developers, Championing a World Where Creativity Knows No Bounds and Boundaries Are Meant to Be Shattered 📲✨

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Feature 03

Google Pixel's devices support!

👻 The operating system is now available for a number of mobile devices, you are able to download the system itself directly from our GitHub Corporate and compile the Kernel Prebuilts directly, test our Katya ® 👽 Apps, make your own branding and much more! We continue actively working on new features! We periodically shoot short videos about our mobile OS, which we share on our social networks, as well as in our distributed decentralized blockchain matrix network called Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 REChain ®️ 🪐 Blockchain Node Network at the Chatting Matrix Group Space with our CEO Dmitry & of course with Mr. Detective Pikachu 🐾! 👻 Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 REChain ® 🪐 Blockchain Node! #chatting:matrix.katya.wtf 🌍!

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Feature 04

The Dawn of Innovation: Katya ® 👽 OS Open for Developers' Exploration 🌌👨‍💻 Protection against exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities! And of course no Google apps or services for default!

Mobile Katya ® will never include Google Play services or other implementation of Google services, such as microG. It is possible to install Google Play Services as a set of completely sandboxed apps without special privileges through our sandboxed Google Play Compatibility Layer. But at the same time, Google will not have access to your data, your profile will be completely anonymized for it! Unknown (0-day) vulnerabilities are used much more widely than many people think, to exploit users not only in targeted attacks, but also in wide deployments. Project Zero maintains a spreadsheet that tracks discovered zero-day exploits. This is just a quick look at what’s going on as it only documents instances where attackers have been caught exploiting users, often because the attacks are not targeted but rather deployed on public websites etc.